The Montreal Series: Bonjour Montreal.


So for the past 3 months I have been living in Montreal, Canada. I made the decision to move here for a year and live with my girlfriend instead of us doing painful long-distance (been there and done that, promised never to do it again). Out of love and heart, I packed all my belongings and hopped on a flight to this beautiful North American city.


Montreal is the heart and centre of the Province of Quebec. I like to call it “La France à l’étranger” (“France Abroad”) because that is quite literally what it is. If you are planning on exploring Montreal or any other part of Quebec, I would advise brushing up on your French. The architecture in the city is simply stunning, from modern skyscrapers that form the city’s skyline to the old French style buildings, including the famous Notre Dame Basilica located in the heart of Old Montreal.


Montreal is very very Hipster. Simply put, Hipsters are hat-wearing, skinny jeans-loving, tattoo-donning, beard-growing, herbal tea-drinking, experimental and all-round cool folk. I am not afraid to admit that we currently live in one of the most Hipster of areas in Montreal known as The Plateau. The art scene here is absolutely phenomenal, there is even a long street in Old Montreal which is simply dedicated to art galleries (there are hundreds!) From our balcony we have the perfect view of the Mont-Royal; the mountain after which the city is named.


View of Mont-Royal from our apartment

I am currently experiencing my first Canadian winter. Now, it’s a known fact that Canada is cold but trust me it is COLD. Like we’re talking minus 26 degrees Celsius cold. Winter is (aesthetically) my favourite season and the first snowfall was beautiful.This week however has been significantly warmer; once it gets above zero you honestly thank your lucky stars.

Image Image

I have been lucky enough to do a lot since being here, including several exhibitions and seeing Jessie Ware live at an intimate gig (she is not too well known in Montreal so we took advantage of a smaller crowd).


Jessie Ware!

I have experienced some extreme highs and some extreme lows since living here. For now I’m focusing on being positive and going back to the things I love-such as blogging! And generally taking in the city; I am truly lucky to be here.


A snippet of the Exhibitions and Events I have been to in Montreal

I am looking forward to documenting all my new fashion and culture finds from this beautifully French city. Stay tuned for some fun upcoming posts coming very soon.

Thanks for reading.

Lou x


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