‘black|Up cosmetics’: the High-End cosmetics brand for women of colour

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It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back with a new discovery; a fantastic make-up range for women of colour.

black|Up cosmetics was founded in Paris in 1999 by a young West-African male make-up artist who studied at the Christian Chaveau school of make-up. After carrying out plenty of research, it seems the brand’s owner remains a mystery. What is known, however, is that after noticing the lack of make-up brands that fully catered to ethnic skin types, this mystery make-up artist began his brand by mixing his own pigments, textures and formulas which would dermatologically and aesthetically aid ethnic skin types.

I discovered this brand while shopping in Morley’s department store, Brixton. I was tired of being colour matched incorrectly by other make-up brands; I was either matched with foundations that were too pale or way too dark. While checking out the colourful display at the black|Up boutique I was approached by Tanya, a friendly make-up artist who sat me down and listened to my skin concerns. After removing my make-up she immediately informed me that my pores were blocked with dead skin and recommended a few skincare products. In the end I chose the following products:

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Hydration generator fluid £37.50

This serum-style moisturiser is packed with Vitamin A to stimulate skin cell renewal and essentially remove dead skin. The majority of ethnic skin types produce more oil and as such women of colour are advised to use water-based, oil-free and paraben-free products. The Reforcyl in this product also traps water molecules, which in turn enables optimal hydration. Pros: Light and airy giving a smooth base for make-up application. Cons: I often have to apply this product twice as one application doesn’t cover the drier parts of my face.

Perfect Matifying Primer RRP £28.50

Perfect Matifying Primer RRP £28.50 (Complimentary sample shown)

Apply after using a moisturiser and before wearing foundation or tinted moisturiser. Pros: This primer is excellent at keeping my make-up intact all day and stopping excess oil coming through my foundation, which usually leaves me looking shiny at the end of the day.  Cons: Is a bit glossy for a pre-foundation product.

Creme to Powder Foundation £29.00

Creme to Powder Foundation £29.00

Pros: This foundation is brilliant. It is non-heavy, with full coverage and brings out the red undertones of my skin, giving a fresh and natural look. Cons: My only misgiving is that the foundation pot seems to be rather small and shallow; not very good value for money.

Overall I have to say my skin has improved drastically after using these products. I look forward to trying more from the range and keeping on top of my skin regime.

My future picks from black|Up cosmetics

Ultra-Exfoliating Cream with Micro-Crystals £36.50

Ultra-Exfoliating Cream with Micro-Crystals £36.50

Daily Face Purifying Gel £19.50

Daily Face Purifying Gel £19.50

Have you tried any black|Up Cosmetics? Feel free to leave a comment below recommending your favourite products from this range.

Lou x


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