‘Blanc de Blanc’ Café and Launderette Montreal

Yesterday was a beautiful day and despite the -24 weather, my girlfriend and I took the opportunity to do some exploring in and around our neighbourhood.

We decided to stop and have lunch and came across a cute little café called Blanc de Blanc situated at the foothills of Mont-Royal, Montreal.

bdb 2

This ultra hipster food joint has so much character and charm and what’s more, you can get your washing done while sipping on their delicious House Chai Tea Latte, in the café’s adjoining launderette. The café’s menu offers an array of hot and cold drinks (including herbal teas and soy milk) and delicious sandwiches and meals most of which, if not all, are priced under $10.

BDB3         20140123-151312.jpg

Blanc de Blanc also offers free wifi as an Internet café all in all making it a student and pocket friendly place to eat, and to get a few other bits done as well!

I would thoroughly recommend checking it out if you happen to be in the area.



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